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Iontophoresis is a procedure in which an electrical current is passed through skin soaked in tap water (not distilled water) or a solution containing an anticholinergic medication, which allows ionised (charged) particles to cross the normal skin barrier. It reduces sweating and enhances the delivery of drugs and macromolecules into and through the skin. It is safe, effective and inexpensive.

Iontophoresis has also been successfully used to deliver drugs to the skin in order to:

  • Reduce sweating further using an anticholinergic agent such as glycopyrronium or botulinum toxin A.
  • Anaesthetise an area of skin with lignocaine.
  • Treat fungal infection of the nail plate (onychomycosis).
  • Eradicate infection due to resistant micro-organisms using silver ions
  • Treat bursitis or tendonitis with anti-inflammatory drugs.

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